ECA’s Dr. Starla Fitch Is Now an Amazon Best-Selling Author!

Eye Consultants of Atlanta physician, Dr. Starla Fitch, is an Amazon best-selling author! Her new book, Remedy for Burnout, launched recently and was quickly named a hot new release, a bestseller in three categories, and was picked as one of Amazon Editors’ Best Books of 2014. It’s a wonderful, practical guide for both healers and their patients!

As the only female oculoplastic surgeon at Eye Consultants of Atlanta, Starla D. Fitch, M.D. blends compassion and expertise in treating each patient. She specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive lid surgery and has an exceptional interest in cosmetic blepharoplasty (lid lifts and the removal of “fatty pads” around the eyes).

Her specialty also includes repair of ptosis and malposition of the lids, excision of tumors with lid reconstruction, and evaluation and treatment of tearing disorders, thyroid eye disease and orbital disease. She has been performing cosmetic Botox treatments in Atlanta since 1997. She has been fortunate to train with many renowned oculoplastic specialists, including Dr. David Saunders and Dr. Sonny McCord.

Dr. Fitch is the senior oculoplastic surgeon at ECA and the only woman oculoplastic surgeon in Atlanta.