Orbital Disease

eye doctor examining woman's eyes

What is Orbital Disease?

The orbit (eye socket) is the bony structure where the eye is located. Tumors and inflammation can occur behind or around the eye in orbit. This process can cause the eye to push forward, leading to a bulging of the eye (proptosis). It can also cause decrease in vision, double vision, or pain with eye movement, as well as light sensitivity.. It is extremely important to seek medical attention for orbital diseases, as they may permanently compromise your sight and can be life threatening. The office exam is usually followed by further studies such as blood tests and imaging studies such as CT scan or MRI.

The recommended treatment depends on the type of tumor present. Not all orbital tumors require surgical excision. In some cases, close observation, radiation, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy may be indicated. If you are concerned you may have an orbital tumor, please make an appointment with one of our skilled oculoplastic surgeons as soon as possible.

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