blephBlepharitis is an extremely common eye problem. It is caused by the inflammation of oil-producing glands at the edge of the eyelids. Although blepharitis is a complex issue, simply stated, the glands along the lid margin become blocked with oil, resulting in an overgrowth of bacteria and chronic swelling of the lid tissue. The lids become red and irritated and accumulate itchy, scaly debris. Blepharitis is often associated with the dermatologic condition, rosacea.



  • Crusty, reddened, swollen, itching, burning
  • Blinking causes a sandy feeling
  • Styes are relatively common
  • Redness of the eye, i.e., the white area of the eye can become red


  • Baby shampoo eyelid scrubs
  • Topical eye drops and ointments
  • Oral doxycycline or minocycline
  • Azasite eye drops
  • Oral supplements (omega-3 oils)

Instructions for Eyelid Scrubs

  • Apply a warm washcloth to eyelids for several minutes
  • Warm up the cloth again and apply 3 drops of baby shampoo
  • Lather up the washcloth vigorously
  • Gently rub eyelids and eyelashes for several minutes to cleanse the eyelid margins and remove debris
  • Rinse eyelids with warm water to remove shampoo
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