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When Ashley Miller made the decision to undergo upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, she approached the process with careful planning and thorough research. As a healthcare professional herself and a mother in her mid-40s, she was determined to find a surgeon who she could trust to meet her aesthetic goals. She was hoping these procedures would enhance her appearance, boost self confidence, and address potential vision concerns associated with her family’s medical history.

It was by chance that Miller first met Dr. Daniel Hwang, a board-certified ophthalmologist at Eye Consultants of Atlanta. She had scheduled a Botox appointment with another physician at the practice when she found herself redirected to Dr. Hwang. At first Miller was hesitant to switch doctors, but the practice staff reassured her she was in good hands. 

“Immediately I fell in love with Dr. Hwang,” says Miller. “He puts everything aside except for the patient in front of him. I felt like the only person on the schedule for the day.”

Dr. Hwang’s compassionate approach and consistent communication set him apart. When Miller decided to pursue blepharoplasty, she naturally turned to Dr. Hwang for guidance. 

Upper and lower blepharoplasties aim to enhance the eye area and correct vision issues from drooping eyelids. While often done together, they can also be performed separately. Upper blepharoplasty is typically less invasive and can be done in-office with numbing cream, while lower blepharoplasty requires a surgical room for precision.

During their initial blepharoplasty consultation, Dr. Hwang listened to Miller’s concerns and walked her through the procedure. However, recognizing Miller’s Lifestyle as a mother, he recommended an alternate timeline than what she had originally planned.

“I appreciated his hesitancy to proceed immediately,” says Miller. “He knew I had a toddler at home that I wanted to be present for. It was clear he saw me not just as a patient, but as a person.”

Being in the healthcare field, Miller knew the importance of seeking a second opinion to weigh her options. “At the other consultation, I spent more time in the waiting room than with the physician, whereas with Dr. Hwang at Eye Consultants of Atlanta, it was the opposite,” says Miller. 

When choosing a surgeon for the procedures, she valued competency, compassion, and personal connection. Dr. Hwang’s meticulous attention to detail, along with his staff’s warmth and professionalism, confirmed her confidence in Eye Consultants of Atlanta’s care.

Collaborating on a personalized care plan, Miller and Dr. Hwang decided she would undergo the lower blepharoplasty first and then the upper procedure a couple of months later. Dr. Hwang walked Miller through the pre-operative steps, addressing any questions she had.

On the day of the lower blepharoplasty surgery, Miller arrived at Eye Consultants of Atlanta’s Surgery Center feeling a bit nervous. However, her confidence grew as she confided in a nurse in the operating room who shared that Dr. Hwang had performed the same procedure on her.

“His staff’s confidence in him spoke volumes,” says Miller. “They’ve seen his work and have even undergone procedures themselves.”

Miller diligently followed post-operative instructions and recovery was quick. A couple of months later, Miller received the upper blepharoplasty in-office. The procedure was quick and seamless. 

“That day I dropped my kid off at school, had my cup of coffee on my way there, waited as they put the numbing cream on, and listened to lovely music playing in the background,” says Miller. “And then I drove myself home.”

Just two days after the lower blepharoplasty surgery, she was experiencing minimal swelling and was comfortable attending an event. Miller found both of her experiences to be smooth, from minimal scarring to swift recoveries. In the weeks following the procedures, Miller noticed a significant improvement in both her appearance and confidence. Dr. Hwang and his team continued to provide support throughout her recovery, ensuring that Miller was informed every step of the way.

Miller’s journey with Dr. Hwang is a testament to the transformative ability of the compassionate and skilled physicians at Eye Consultants of Atlanta.

“I’d recommend Dr. Hwang a thousand times over,” says Miller. “My advice would be don’t wait, go ahead and do it. You’ll be happy you did.”

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