Retinal Conditions

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Understanding the Retina

The retina is the specialized layer of tissue lining the back of our eye. Within the retina are millions of cells, which can be categorized into two different types: cones and rods. Each type has its own special function and they work together to help us see. Light rays are focused onto the retina (and the rods and cones) through our cornea, pupil and lens. The retina then converts these light rays into impulses that travel to our brain, where they are interpreted as the images we see. You could think of the retina as the film inside of a camera, though the retina is far more complex and has many blood vessels which supply oxygen and nutrients. A healthy, intact retina is needed for clear vision.

Due to the important role that the retina plays in our vision, retinal damage and disease can cause serious vision problems and even blindness. As with many areas of health, preventing problems from occurring is easier and often more successful than solving these issues after they develop.


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The Vitreous

The vitreous fills much of the space in the center of the eye. The vitreous’ primary job is to keep the center of the eye clear so that light can reach the retina. It can also act as a buffer to absorb trauma and cushion the delicate parts of the eye during eye movement and general body movement. The vitreous can also act as a conduit to deliver treatments for various diseases of the macula and retina.

The Macula

The macula is a special part of the retina that is responsible for much of our central and fine detailed vision.

Our retina specialists:

All of our retina specialists are board certified and have received additional medical training relating to both surgery and diseases of the vitreous and retina.

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What Are My Treatment Options in Atlanta?

If you are suffering from an ocular disorder, it’s important to locate treatment quickly. The retina specialists at Eye Consultants of Atlanta have the skills and experience to diagnose your condition and offer an appropriate treatment plan for your particular needs.