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Is cosmetic eye surgery right for you?

Everything But the Eyes

What’s getting in the way of your best vision? Drooping eyelids or eyebrows? Inward or outward folding lids (entropion or ectropion)? Thyroid eye disease? Skin cancer treatment around the eyes? Blocked tear ducts?

The oculoplastic and cosmetic eye surgeons at Eye Consultants of Atlanta can help with both surgical and non-surgical procedures that treat everything but the eyes. We restore, correct, and enhance the eyelids, the eyebrows, and the tear ducts. We help you feel better, see better, and love what you see.

Look Your Best and See Better Too

Your eyes are beautiful, and you and everyone should see that!

Are drooping or swollen eyelids, sagging eyebrows, wrinkles, crow’s feet, or moles interfering with your vision, or with your best vision of you? Cosmetic eye surgery or one of our non-surgical cosmetic treatments may be right for you.

Our board-certified oculoplastic surgeons will listen closely to your concerns and desired outcomes, carefully examine your eyes and surrounding structures, then advise you on the best treatment options for you.

From non-surgical procedures such as laser resurfacing, to Botox injections and fillers to eyelid and eyebrow, we’ll recommend the most conservative treatment that will give you the results you want while protecting the health of your eyes.

Through the many stages of their lives, Atlantans trust their vision to Eye Consultants of Atlanta. If problems around your eyes are now getting in the way of your best vision, our cosmetic eye specialists are here for you.

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Healthier Eyelids for Healthier Eyes

Your eyelids, tear ducts, and the other supporting structures around your eyes aren’t just there for show. They cradle your eyes: protecting, cleansing, and treating them with care. When these structures droop, fold, sag, or swell, your eyes become vulnerable to dryness, redness, painful irritation, and more serious damage. Whether caused by natural aging, skin cancer treatment, or other medical disorders, unhealthy eyelids often lead to unhealthy eyes. Don’t let eyelid problems linger. Choose oculoplastic surgeons who you can trust to restore your healthy eyelids… and protect your healthy eyes too.

We See the Beauty Already in You

If you’re ready to feel better, see better, and like what you see, choose the oculoplastic and cosmetic eye surgeons you can trust to enhance the beauty we see in you while protecting the health of your eyes. Contact us today to request an evaluation.