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Since 1971, Eye Consultants of Atlanta has been the Atlanta metro area’s principal choice for eye care. In that time, we’ve grown our number of locations and added more eye care specialties to better serve the needs of our patients, be they as regular as a comprehensive eye exam or as complex as oculofacial plastic surgery. What has remained through it all is our commitment to ensuring that every patient who comes to us receives the high-quality care we’ve become known for.

We believe that what makes us stand out from other practices is our ophthalmologists’ depth of experience, our fellowship-trained subspecialty physicians, and our dedication to implementing the latest technology to better serve our patients.

Experienced Doctors in Athens

Our board-certified ophthalmologists at our Athens office are highly trained and provide surgical and non-surgical treatment for a wide array of diseases. They work hard to stay at the top of their fields, and continually pass the benefits of their experience onto our patients.

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Athens Eye Care Services

Eye Consultants of Atlanta offers a wide range of eye care services, provided by the most trusted specialists in the region.

Athens Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

When you come to us for a comprehensive eye exam, we take extra care to identify early signs of any potential eye diseases or conditions and work with you to develop a treatment plan to preserve your vision. Learn More

Glaucoma Disease Treatment in Athens

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a disease that develops because of increased pressure within the eye, damaging the optic nerve and causing permanent vision loss if allowed to progress without intervention. Treatments we offer for this condition range from eye drops to surgery to improve drainage and relieve intraocular pressure. Learn More

Athens Cornea Disease Treatment

Cornea Treatment

As the very front and most exposed part of the eye, there are a number of conditions that can affect the cornea. The important role the cornea plays in eyesight means that repairing damage from external trauma and treating diseases like dystrophies and infections are important to the preservation of your long-term vision. Learn More


Oculoplastic surgery addresses the structure of the eyelids and the surrounding areas, and can be performed for tumor removal, drooping eyelids, and cosmetic and functional purposes. Since this area of the face is so delicate, our oculofacial plastic surgeons undergo additional years of training. Learn More

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Proudly Serving Athens

Eye Consultants of Atlanta is proud to have a home in Athens, serving not only the people there, but from Adams, Westchester, the University of Georgia, Bel Air Heights, North Valley, Westgate Park, Westwood Hills, Attica, and beyond.

Athens is a great place for any music lover. As the birthplace of bands such as R.E.M and the B-52s, Athens takes pride in its new Music Walk of Fame, as well as its performing arts venues such as the Georgia Theatre and Morton Theatre.

Driving Directions

We are located at 105 Trinity Pl, Athens, GA 30607.

If you’re coming from the south by the University of Georgia, head west on Broad St, then take a right onto Pulaski St and continue for 0.2 miles. Turn left onto Prince Ave, and you’ll see The Grit on your left. Continue for 2.1 miles until you cross Athens Perimeter, and the road becomes Jefferson Rd. Continue for another 0.1 miles, passing Homewood Village Shopping Center on your left, then turn left onto Trinity Pl. We’ll be immediately on the left.

If you’re coming from the northwest, get on Jefferson Rd heading southeast. Once you pass Athens Animal Medical Clinic, continue for another 1.6 miles and you’ll see Taqueria Juaritos on your right. Continue another 1.1 miles southeast on Jefferson Rd, then turn right onto Trinity Pl, where we’ll be on the left.

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