How to Choose a Great Pair of Kid’s Eyeglasses

Are you on the hunt for a new pair of kid’s eyeglasses?

Pediatric eye care doesn’t have to be complicated. Promoting eye health and early care is essential for the lifetime health of your children’s eyes.

Teaching your child to take care of their eyes and pursue good vision through the use of glasses is a life lesson that will stick with them forever.

Glasses can make or break a child’s confidence during the early stages of their life, so choosing the right pair is really important.

In this guide, we’ll help you find ways to choose the best eyeglass option for your child’s eye care needs. Read on to learn more.

Style and Design

The style and design of your kid’s eyeglasses are usually one of the first things people notice when they look at your child.

Because it has such a major impact on your child’s overall look, choosing an appealing style is important when shopping for glasses.

Glasses come in all kinds of frame styles and lens sizes. From thick rims to clear, thin rims and from round lenses to frameless ones, there are a nearly endless amount of options.

Start by asking your kid what he or she seems to like best. You’ll of course want to consider other factors, like what looks good on his or her face, but the general style should appeal to them too.

Some types of glasses look bookish and smart, while others appear more businesslike and sleek. What style does your child prefer?

Ask him or her to point out people in his or her life who wear glasses he or she likes. Or, ask them to look up photos of famous people who they think look good in their glasses.

That will let you get a feel for the kind of styles your child tends to lean toward. Once you have a general design in mind, you’ll be able to narrow down the options to select the right pair for your child.

Prescription Strength

Another thing to consider when choosing the right kid’s eyeglasses is the prescription strength.

Some prescriptions can only fit in a certain type of frame. Other, less strong, prescriptions can be made into any glasses.

Of course, getting an accurate prescription is the most important part of selecting eyeglasses for your child. Wearing the wrong prescription can be painful. Worse, it could permanently damage your child’s eyesight.

You will need an eye examination from a doctor to find the right prescription for your child. The amount of correction needed can even differ from eye to eye.

Until they’re old enough for LASIK surgery, your child will need to wear a proper amount of vision correction.

After you know your child’s correct prescription, you’ll be able to select frames that will work with the correction. Getting this right is essential.

There may be a limited amount of options available to your child depending on the prescription strength, but, if you work together, you’re sure to find a set that he or she loves.

Face Fitting

One of the most important factors when browsing for kid’s eyeglasses is how the glasses look on their face.

Round faces need a very different shape and style of frames than more elongated faces. The frames should fit your child’s face perfectly, adding to and enhancing their overall look rather than taking away from it.

More square faces do best with oval or round frames. Square frames will only accentuate a square face’s sharp angles.

In the same way, the sharp angles of a square lens look best on more curved or softly rounded faces.

Tall frames look good on long faces, but narrow frames do not. A heart-shaped face looks great in bottom-heavy frames to balance out the proportions of their look.

When shopping for kid’s eyeglasses, you’ll want to bring them along for the experience. Try all kinds of styles and frames on for size and decide together what fits their face best.

Lifestyle Considerations

Is your kid an active, on-the-go soccer player or more of a bookworm? Does he or she tend to roughhouse a lot or stay calm, cool, and collected?

The lifestyle your child chooses to lead will have a major effect on what kind of glasses will work best for them. Kids that play hard will need an extra, sturdy pair of glasses for their life.

You don’t want fragile, impractical glasses for a sport playing kid. And, you don’t want bulky, heavy duty frames for someone who doesn’t plan to put them under a lot of abuse.

Taking your child’s lifestyle into consideration as you choose the right pair of glasses will ensure that the glasses complement their life, not hinder it.

You want their daily activities to be enhanced by their new glasses, making their usual daily routine easier and more enjoyable.

Boost of Confidence

Eyeglasses can make a major statement about your child’s personality.

You should brainstorm together with your child about what she or he wants to say through their choice of glasses.

At the end of the day, it’s important that kid’s eyeglasses add to their self-esteem, not detract from it. Being a kid can be tough among picky peers, and your child’s glasses should not be a reason for mockery or shame.

Instead, they should be something your child feels proud to wear and eager to show off. Make them feel like the cool kid on the block in their new frames.

You want their new frames to be a boost of confidence and add to their blooming personality so make sure to take great care in making eyeglass selections with your child.

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