Cataracts are a common vision issue that often develop with age. The condition is characterized by a cloudy area of the lens, which can lead to blurry vision, difficulty seeing at night, and bright light sensitivity. Cataracts usually start forming cataracts soon after age 60, and most people require surgery during their lifetime. Sight is improved quickly and profoundly, and patients are able to resume normal activity within days of the procedure.  During cataract surgery eye doctors remove the natural lens of the eye and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). While standard IOLs have restored vision for people affected by cataracts for more than 60 years, advanced technology has led to new lens implants which can achieve even better outcomes. Here’s a closer look at the advanced technology lens implants available today.

Types of Advanced Tech Lens Implants

Traditionally, cataracts have been treated using monofocal lenses, which correct vision for a specific distance, such as close up for reading or far away for driving and sports. These lenses, however, don’t allow people to see clearly at multiple distances, nor do they correct astigmatism, so many people who receive monofocal lenses still need vision-correcting glasses after surgery. Now, there are two lens types that address these gaps.

Toric Lens Implants

Toric lens implants are used to address astigmatism, a refractive error in which the cornea is irregularly shaped, and results in blurred vision.. Toric lens implants are precisely placed by your surgeonin order to correct sight at either near or far focal ranges, but not both ranges. 

Presbyopia-Correcting Lens Implants

Presbyopia-correcting lenses have been updated in recent years to do everything a toric lens can, but go several steps beyond to allow people to see far, intermediate, and near targets. The lenses are often considered a modern medical marvel, and can restore sight to a level that rivals a much younger you! These lenses require careful planning and preoperative analysis, and the doctors at Eye Consultants of Atlanta have all the latest tools to give patients the best possible result. Not everyone is a candidate for these lenses, and your doctor will thoroughly evaluate your eyes prior to the procedure. There are two main categories of presbyopia correcting lenses, and some patients will benefit from one design more than another type.

Which One Is Right for You?

To determine which advanced lens implant is right for you our eye doctors  will learn about your lifestyle and vision needs. Your doctor will determine what types of lens implants are right for you, and will help you decide the best lens based on your needs. Night driving needs are another careful determination. Moreover, there are detailed eye scans that determine potential benefits of the advanced lenses, as not everyone is a good candidate because of eye anatomy issues. The vast majority of patients are excellent candidates for this modern, life-changing advancement.

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