Take the Glaucoma Eye-Q Quiz: Do You Know the Facts?


1. Symptoms of glaucoma include redness and eye pain.

2. Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world.

3. Glaucoma is associated with decreased pressure in the eye.

4. The cause of glaucoma is unknown.

5. Glaucoma damages your vision by destroying the eye’s lenses.

6. Glaucoma damages your peripheral vision, or side vision, first.

7. To catch glaucoma in the early stages, it’s best to see your doctor once you notice changes in your vision.

To see if you have the perfect Eye-Q score, click here to read the answers. If you missed some, increase your knowledge by reading more here. If you’re concerned about your vision, request an appointment with your doctor for a dilated eye exam.