Take the Eye-Q Quiz: Vision in Babies and Children


1. Newborn babies do not have the ability to focus on an object in front of them.

2. At birth, babies are very sensitive to bright light.

3. By 12 months, a child’s ability to focus, track and perceive depth is complete.

4. It is recommended that children receive their first vision screening before entering school.

5. Eye injuries are the leading causes of blindness in children in the U.S.

6. There are very few genetically determined vision problems that occur among children.

7. Babies can be born with cataracts.

To see if you have the perfect Eye-Q score, click here to read the answers. If you missed some, increase your knowledge by reading more here. If you’re concerned about your child’s vision, or would like to schedule a regular eye exam, request an appointment with one of our pediatric ophthalmologists.