Operation Saving Sight: Eye Consultants of Atlanta’s New Charitable Surgery Program

Operation Saving Sight (OSS) is a new charitable program of Eye Consultants of Atlanta (ECA) and the Eye Consultants of Atlanta Foundation. ECA surgeons and clinic professionals contribute their time and skills to perform cataract eye surgeries at no cost to Georgians in need.

For people diagnosed with cataracts who are living at or below the poverty level, the medical attention they desperately need can be out of reach. OSS’s mission is to support and serve those individuals by delivering cost-free, sight-saving surgery.

Dr. Stephen Hamilton, board-certified ophthalmologist, corneal specialist, and chair of OSS said, “So many of our fellow Georgians are struggling with both serious vision issues and dire financial circumstances every day. This program is our way of helping our neighbors in need in the best way we can.”

OSS adheres to the following application guidelines to ensure that the greatest community needs are being met:

– The income of applicants must fall within the current year’s U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services federal poverty guidelines.
– Applicants must not have health insurance and may not be enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid.
– Those applying need to be previously diagnosed and in need of cataract surgery.
– To be considered, a financial screening application with documentation must be submitted.
– This is a needs-based program that operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
– There are a limited number of spots, so don’t wait to contact us.

While cataracts are the most common condition treated through this program, other surgically treatable eye conditions may be eligible as well. If you would like to be considered for participation in OSS, click here for an application form, call 770-580-3993, or email us at OperationSavingSight@gmail.com.