Free Yourself from Glasses and Contacts:
LASIK by Atlanta’s Top Eye Surgeons

The 24-Hour Medical Miracle

Do eyeglasses or contact lenses interfere with your active life? Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism once led to a lifetime dependence on corrective lenses.

Today, LASIK surgery can reverse these conditions, often restoring vision to 20/20 or better just one day after the procedure. It can be a 24-hour medical miracle, and the cornea specialists at Eye Consultants of Atlanta have pioneered its practice for more than 20 years.

Are You a Suitable Candidate? For Your Safety, We Are Choosy!

Our evaluations are rigorous. If you are not a suitable candidate for LASIK, we will either recommend an alternative treatment or recommend no procedure at all. Your safety and best outcome are our primary concern. We are happy to say “no” if “no” is your best answer.

International Leaders in Corneal Surgery

If you want the best eye surgeons, you’ll find them at Eye Consultants of Atlanta. Our surgeons have performed more than 100,000 vision restoring procedures. We’re the only private practice in Atlanta offering the entire spectrum of vision correction options, performed by physicians who are internationally recognized, board-certified, and fellowship-trained in both cornea and refractive surgery.

Choose the cornea surgeons who you can trust to do it right.

“LASIK is the easiest thing we do,” says Dr. Alan Kozarsky, the medical monitor for one of the earliest studies of LASIK, in the late 1990s. “That’s why patients come to us for LASIK correction.”

Any eye surgery carries inherent risks. Put your trust in the surgeons who are the international leaders in corneal surgery.

The Most Famous LASIK Center You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

When airline pilots, sports stars, artists and entertainers need LASIK surgery, they come to us. Not because we’ve paid a sponsorship fee to be the “official LASIK provider of…” We haven’t. They choose Eye Consultants of Atlanta because they know from their colleagues and teammates that they can trust their eyes to us.

We’re also well known among young, superstar ophthalmologists from all over the country. They come to Eye Consultants of Atlanta for post-graduate studies in LASIK correction and other corneal surgeries, because they know from their faculty advisors that we’ll train them to the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

You may never have seen our name on a ballfield, but in fields where people put a premium on perfect vision and surgical safety, we’re already famous. And we’d like to get to know you.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball with Better Vision

If you’re ready to free yourself from eyeglasses and contact lenses — to live your active life more fully — choose the LASIK specialists who you can trust to do it best. Contact us today to request an evaluation.

See the World Clearly Without Corrective Lenses