Prescription Hunting Glasses

Everything You Should Know About Prescription Hunting Glasses

An Overview

Hunters know you need some essential gear to have a successful hunt. One of the items every hunter should bring with them are hunting glasses. Not only do you need hunting glasses for protection, but you also need them to optimize your success rate during your time in the woods. Hunting glasses can be found at any sports goods store or at optical shops. In order to obtain the right kind of hunting glasses, you will need to know a little bit more information about the different types. This article will explore the kinds of hunting glasses you can find and what the benefits and drawbacks are of each.

The Types of Hunting Glasses You Should Know About

Depending on what season it is, where you live, and other different factors, what you’re hunting varies. With the prey being different each time, your hunting glasses should be different as well. Different prey means a different terrain; all of which have different needs and challenges. Each pair of shooting glasses are designed for a specific animal you are hunting. If you don’t know the right kind of glasses to wear, you don’t have to mindlessly guess. Here are some of the types of hunting glasses you can expect to find:

Deer Hunting Shooting Glasses

Deer hunting glasses are the most common type of shooting glasses you can find. Deer hunting shooting glasses can be used in medium to low light conditions often surrounded by a landscape of greens and browns. With this variation of shooting glasses, you can see your target behind trees and other types of backgrounds. You will find that most deer hunting glasses are orange or vermilion color. While this is the recommended way to go, you can also grab a pair of gray glasses to reduce glare.
For those who are in low light settings, yellow is a great color to pick from as well, due to the contrast that it provides against the environment you’re located in. You can even get them customized into prescription shooting glasses for those who do not have 20/20 vision.

Duck and Waterfowl Hunting Glasses

The next type of shooting glasses are duck and waterfowl hunting glasses. These glasses are exactly what they sound like they’re for–hunting ducks and waterfowl. These glasses are designed for those who are hunting this prey near bodies of water. Naturally, bodies of water can cause glare, making hunting more difficult. The glare, on top of the amount of blue you will be encountering, needs glasses that can contrast against blues. Also, you will need a pair of glasses that do not have a mirrored reflection to prevent scaring off the ducks or waterfowl.
The best color for this kind of game is brown because it’s great for scenery. You will want a lens that is the best choice for polarization and that is anti-glare to optimize your time out hunting.

Rabbit and Squirrel Hunting Glasses

While you would hunt rabbits and squirrels in wooded areas, you can often find these little critters in open fields or high up in trees. This is the reason why you will need a lens option that protects your eyes against the bright light of the sun. You can use lenses that are blue, gray, or even clear. Clear lenses are better for the indoors to allow for a sharp, clear line of sight. Clear offers the most light in while protecting your eyes from UV light.

Bear and Moose Hunting Glasses

Bear and moose hunting can be similar to deer hunting. Your landscape is typically going to include greens and browns, so you will need shooting glasses specific for this hunting need. Due to bears hunting for food during the early morning hours and dusk, it’s suggested you use a pair of glasses that are low light lens. Just like with deer hunting, vermilion is best for general contrast, gray is great for greens, and yellow or brown colors work best in contrast to low light conditions.
Another option is light purple because it dampens the greens, as well as the blue sky for high contrast in dark conditions. If you’re shooting at night and under lights, this is a good option.

The Positives of Wearing Shooting Glasses

When you go to a shooting range, most places require you to wear protective eye gear. Just because you are not inside does not mean the same protective rules don’t apply. Wearing glasses while hunting is pivotal to making sure you have a successful and safe hunt. Here are some of the reasons why you should always have a pair of shooting glasses on:
• As we touched upon in the section above, choosing the right pair of glasses can help you see better. This means that when you set out to go on a hunt, you will be able to come back with plenty of prey. You will be able to have something to bring back when you invest in the right hunting glasses.
• Accidents happen. More often than you think. You do not want to leave your eyes unprotected when you are using a firearm. What happens if you do not have any protective eye gear on and a ricochet hits you in the eye? That will definitely warrant a trip to the emergency room and might even cause permanent damage. Avoid all of this by putting on a pair of shooting glasses next time you decide to go hunting.
• When you are hunting, you are commonly in a heavily wooded area. If you don’t have on your protective glasses, you can run the risk of getting poked in the eye by a branch or a twig. You could also possibly get dust in your eyes. You are out in the wilderness, meaning you must protect yourself. Do not leave your hunting glasses at home next time you go out!

The Drawbacks to Wearing Shooting Glasses

There have been complaints from hunters that shooting glasses fog up when they are out in the wilderness. If you are a hunter, the last thing you want is your glasses to fog up. Additionally, you want to make sure you have the right fit when it comes to your hunting glasses. If they are too tight, then you risk making yourself uncomfortable, leading to dangerous mistakes occurring. The same can be said for too loose-fitting glasses that could fall down your nose and leave an opening for a ricochet bullet.
If you are using prescription shooting glasses, it’s important you have the right prescription. You will need to visit your optometrist to get the right prescription, so you can see properly out of your shooting glasses. Not everyone has perfect vision or even wears contacts. You do not want to wear your personal, everyday glasses when you are hunting. This is where going to the right store is key.

When To Wear Prescription Glasses

As stated earlier, hunters who need prescription glasses will need to invest in hunting glasses with a prescription. Additionally, even if you don’t need glasses or contacts during daily life, prescription ware is still recommended. It is not recommended for inside of a range. It’s recommended for hunters who are using hunting rifles outside. Keep in mind that your riflescope can be adjusted to the diopter of -3.5 to +3.5 diopters. Many hunters set their glasses to these numbers.
Your optical shooting glasses can be adjusted by any eye doctor. You can have eyewear that has an iris diaphragm, so you ensure the front and rear sights are defined clearly. This can be set in one eye while the other, the non-targeting eye, can be partially covered with a milky or grey film.

Progressive Lens

Progressive lens can greatly help you while you are hunting. You will need an eye doctor/store that knows what they are doing. This way, they can select a design that will ensure that the distance range is actually customized using a riflescope while shooting. You will be able to have the perfect hunt when you partner up with a professional who has experience in the field and cares about your hunting needs.

Where Can You Find the Right Prescription Shooting Glasses?

This brings us to the Eye Consultants of Atlanta. We have various locations all throughout Atlanta. With experience in prescription shooting glasses, we are the perfect medical professional to partner up with the next time you are looking to go hunting. The friendly atmosphere and top-notch materials ensure that you will get the best pair of shooting glasses that you are looking to wear. For any question you may have, give us call. Or, send us a message on our contact form for additional information.
No matter what prey you are looking to hunt, you want to make sure you have the right materials to be successful and to be safe. Your rifle may seem like the only piece of gear you need but don’t forget your eyewear. The right type of shooting glasses can make all the difference when it comes to a successful hunting trip. Be sure to talk to one of the many professionals at Eye Consultants of Atlanta to get the right pair of glasses no matter what season it is.