Halloween Hazard: The Dangers of Decorative Contact Lenses


Decorative contact lenses can be a fantastic accessory for a Halloween costume. They come in many different designs and colors, are often inexpensive, and can intensify any costume. However, without a prescription, using these lenses can be risky — and even dangerous. Improper use or handling of contact lenses can lead to infection, corneal scarring, and many other complications.

Here are some tips for safely wearing these lenses during this spooky season:

  • NEVER purchase contact lenses without a prescription from your eye care professional. Contacts must be fitted to your eye’s unique curvature. This prescription should contain a brand name, prescription power, diameter, and a base curvature.
  • Follow your eye care professional’s instructions when cleaning, storing, and disinfecting these lenses.
  • NEVER wear your contacts longer than instructed by your eye care professional.
  • NEVER borrow or share your contact lenses.
  • Only purchase your contact lenses from your eye care professional or a licensed retailer. The sale of contact lenses without a prescription is illegal in the United States.
  • If any swelling, redness, pain, or any other discomforts occurs while wearing contacts, see you eye care professional immediately.