Eye Consultants of Atlanta’s Dr. Joseph Christenbury, MD, FACS recently performed the practice’s first procedure utilizing new technology to increase a patient’s range of vision and depth of focus. 

The IC-8 Apthera intraocular lens (IOL) by Bausch + Lomb is the first available extended depth of focus IOL that utilizes small aperture optics for adults who need cataract surgery.

The small aperture hole in the center of this intraocular lens filters out irregular peripheral light rays allowing regular light rays to focus on the retina, which enables the patient to have a continuous clear range of vision from near to far, devoid of blurry zones. The concept is similar to a small aperture photographic lens, which extends the depth of field of an image, bringing objects across a range into clear focus.

“The IC-8 Apthera IOL is an exciting technology, because it gives patients a range of vision to reduce the need for reading glasses after surgery,” says Dr. Christenbury. “Moreover, its small aperture technology allows the lens implant to neutralize sources of irregular astigmatism in the cornea. Patients with corneal scars, keratoconus, and others with a history of radial keratotomy may also be candidates for this new advanced technology IOL.”

Dr. Christenbury is one of less than 200 surgeons in the country who had early access to the IC-8 Apthera IOL for evaluation. This is yet another example of Eye Consultants of Atlanta providers staying in step with the latest and greatest ophthalmologic technologies for the betterment of their patients. 

To learn more about the IC-8 Apthera IOL, you can request an appointment with an Eye Consultants of Atlanta provider here.