In the crisp fall of 2022, Karen Cobb found herself immersed in memories, flipping through a stack of photographs. It was during this moment she noticed a subtle yet significant difference in her appearance. 

Since the pictures had been taken, Karen’s eyelids seemed to be drooping. Additionally, she noted a slight difference in her vision.

Curious to find the cause, she did a quick online search and found hints that led her to believe she might have ptosis. 

“I didn’t even know this was a condition that people develop as they age,” she explains. “As I did some more research, I learned that this happens because the muscles in the eyelids weaken.” 

Karen started researching ophthalmologists near her home in Athens who could help her resolve this issue. She turned to a trusted physician friend for guidance. With her help, Karen was referred to Dr. Daniel Hwang of Eye Consultants of Atlanta.

“It was such a gradual change that I didn’t realize how severe my eyelids were until they ran tests and lifted my eyelids up,” she says. “I thought ‘Oh my gosh, the sunshine is coming in.’” 

After a consultation with Dr. Hwang, Karen met the criteria for ptosis surgery, which took place in December of that year. The procedure consists of reattaching the levator muscle that slowly dehisces from the eyelid over time.

“It was a quick and easy procedure,” Karen recalls. “After the surgery, I could walk out by myself.”

Post-surgery care involved icing the eyes to soothe swelling, and a couple of nights sleeping with a slightly elevated head. Karen’s dedication to her recovery paid off. Upon returning a week later for a postoperative follow up, she says the providers could hardly tell she had surgery.

In a short time, Karen was back to her daily activities and cherishing time with her family. She attributes her rapid recovery and restored vision to Dr. Hwang and the skilled team at Eye Consultants of Atlanta.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Eye Consultants of Atlanta, because they offer compassionate and convenient access to care,” she says.