Blue Light Announcement

Concern about the possible dangers of electronic screens to our eyes has been rising. What should you actually be concerned about?

A recently released study has been making waves worldwide, with some news organizations posting exaggerated headlines blaming electronic screens for the “death” of photo-receptor cells in your eyes. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recently posted an article refuting this assertion and explaining the study’s findings.

In short, blue light protection is important, and excessive exposure to blue light has been shown to interfere with our circadian rhythms, as well as lessen the amount of time we spend blinking, creating eyestrain and discomfort. Blue light filtering lenses can help alleviate this problem, but we do not need to be concerned with permanent damage to our eyes from an appropriate amount of screen time. Of course, if you suspect a problem with your eyes, we recommend speaking with your ophthalmologist.