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7 Signs You Need to Visit an Atlanta Eye Doctor

It’s dreadful thinking what the future holds if your vision deteriorates. You’ve considered swinging by that Atlanta eye doctor office on the way home for work many times. It’s clear because road signs are difficult to read and headaches are frequent.

You’ve seen the I85 billboards advertising vision exam and glasses. They’re not too expensive, you think, and make the appointment. While waiting, eyes dilated, your Atlanta eye doctor gives you the bad news… they confirm your dread.

You never really batted an eye at picking up eye insurance. But, now it’s looking like your prescription isn’t the typical costs. If only you had taken action sooner.

Here are those tell-tale signs your vision is suffering (to act before it’s too late).

These Troubling Signs Are Clear as 20/20 Vision

You beginning to notice the signs of eye problems is the bad news. The good news is that an Atlanta eye doctor is minutes away.

Here are those signs to watch out for:

1. Squinting (Frequently)

Squinting to read literature or focus on an object are signs of macular degeneration. Several contributors including race, smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure cause macular degeneration.

Images begin to turn blurry as it affects the central vision.

Most cases of macular degeneration happen in older individuals. Though, it’s not uncommon for younger individuals to see the early signs.

2. Troubled Night Driving

Blinding headlights and trouble reading road signs are glaring signs of vision issues. Many are quick to dismiss their trouble with night driving. They place their issues on “high beams”. Fractaling headlights aren’t normal.

Correctly treating vision problems will improve night driving safety. Lights remain bright but won’t starburst as harsh. Signs and lane guides are visible from a great distance.

3. Floaters and Flashes

Floaters are small pieces of collagen creating a shadow in your vision. These are quite common. Dust and dirt may also be the reason for seeing these anomalies.

The problem arises when floaters become frequent. These floaters are a breakdown of the vitreous. A sudden flood of floaters and an accompanied light flashes state an eye care emergency.

The vitreous is detaching from the retina — leading to blindness.

4. Tension and Recurring Headaches

Digital eye strain is normal from our constant use of phones and computers. General eye strain from our activities may cause tension headaches. These problems go away from taking a break from such activities.

Yet, recurring headaches are problematic signs.

Glaucoma and astigmatism may be the cause of these frequent headaches and tension. Keep a journal of these incidents to understand if they’re simply from screens or a real problem.

5. Irritated Eyes

Red and itchy eyes may be from simple things like allergies or foreign objects. The eye will take care of these problems. Else, allergy medications and eye drops will work fine.

The problem begins if these are too frequent. See an Atlanta eye doctor if redness and irritation persists. Also, if you begin seeing floaters and flashes (as discussed above).

6. Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity is called photophobia.

The discomfort may be the cause of an eye infection or an oncoming migraine. Serious problems may be the root of the issue. A detached retina or a corneal scratch could be the cause of this light sensitivity.

Immediately visit an Atlanta eye doctor if problems result from daily activities.

7. Infections

It’s easy to pass off an eye infection. Most symptoms appear mild and only slightly irritable. Infections will typically begin with redness and irritation. These infections could result in eye damage if untreated with proper antibiotics.

Most eye infections are caused by a strain of the common cold. Serious infections like herpes or tuberculosis can damage the inner eye and retina. These typically lead to vision loss.

Visit a doctor if the irritation continues for a few days. Or, if discharge and discharge begins. Avoid further irritation by not touching or scratching the eyes. Use prescribed medications. Or, antibiotics to end the issues before they become a serious problem.

The Benefit of an Early Atlanta Eye Doctor Visit

Ideally, regular eye exams should be part of the bi-yearly routine. Many forgo these appointments. The problems usually take a backseat to other health issues.

However, an early Atlanta eye doctor visit can prevent issues from becoming worse. An eye care specialist can detect early signs of eye damage; a field test will verify the results.

Glaucoma and cataracts — along with macular degeneration — are the leading causes of vision loss throughout the world. Specialists can provide an eye care routine to slow or prevent worsening.

On Lifestyle Changes

The eye care professional will offer suggestions to lead a better lifestyle. These suggestions for exercise and dieting will curb eye problems caused by weight.

The lifestyle changes are typical professional suggestions. Though, them combined with exam results may be a strong motivator to heed their warning.

On Insurance

Vision insurance is low-cost. The basic coverage will offer low copay’s for regular checkups and basic eye care.

Medical insurance covers serious eye care and surgery needs via ophthalmologist. Surgeries have a high success rate; don’t use them as an excuse to avoid checkups and an eye care routine.

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