3 Top-Rated iOS Braille Apps for Those With Vision Loss

Do you have a loved one living with diminishing eyesight? Or do you work in a care home and yearn to share intriguing digital information with those in your charge? Thanks to entrepreneurs and developers within the health care space, there is an ever-increasing number of mobile apps being developed for those with sight challenges. The following are three terrific iOS Braille apps that might be of interest to those you know with reduced eyesight:

Visual Brailler

Available from the American Printing House for the Blind, the Visual Brailler app is another terrific tool for those learning Braille. With a 6-dot Braille keyboard and 40-cell data lines, this dazzling download lets you perform numerous functions including cut-and-paste data transfers.

Braille Pad Student

Offered by Ethervision, the Braille Pad Student app offers numerous Braille inputs including UEB (Unified English Braille), un-contracted Grade 1 Braille, and contracted Grade 2 Braille. You can load files in a number of formats including DXB and can even send non-Braille messages to your friends and family.

Braille Tutor

If you are just getting started with Braille, iEnable Technology’s Braille Tutor app is a terrific download. You can learn Unified English Braille through a variety of interactive lessons. This free iOS app works with both an on-screen keyboard or a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. With text-to-speech inputs and sound playback, you’ll be a Braille master in no time.

Thanks to the growing number of Braille apps, individuals with visual impairments no longer have to feel isolated or cut off from their digital devices. Whether your parent is living with macular degeneration or has failing eyesight due to diabetes or cataracts, mobile apps like those listed above can offer a tempting taste of texting freedom. How many of these awesome apps will you be sharing with your loved one?